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The Southern Primary Schools Sports Association Inc. organises and conducts sporting events for children in 58 government primary schools in southern Tasmania.
The association promotes the development of skills, fitness and sportsmanship and encourages participation and enjoyment in physical activity.

The SPSSA Inc. supports maximum participation of primary aged children through the organisation of athletics, cross country and swimming carnivals and
 also organises a winter carnival which provides the opportunity for students to experience a range of sports.

Calendar of Events



2016 HOB Entries_Draft.xls
2017 calendar dates.doc
Champions Carnival Record holders 2015 - website.doc
Champions Carnival Record holders 2016 - website.doc
PSST carnival is postponed.docx
PSST Carnival Program
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2015.doc
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2016.doc
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2017.doc
tas psst results 2016.pdf


 Athletics Archives

Champions Carnival Record holders 2014 website.doc
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2013.pdf
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2014.pdf
SPSSA Divisional Athletic Carnivals 2017.doc



 Cross Country

2017 Cross country final results.docx
16/06/2017 12:07Dudgeon, Georgina J
SPSSA Divisional Cross Country Carnivals 2016.doc
15/12/2015 11:00Dudgeon, Georgina J
SPSSA Divisional Cross Country Carnivals 2017.doc
21/12/2016 10:35Dudgeon, Georgina J



 Cross Country Archives

SPSSA Divisional Cross Country Carnivals 2013.pdf











Copy of Record holders 2015.doc
Copy of Record holders 2016.doc
SPSSA Divisional Swimming Carnivals 2015.doc
SPSSA Divisional Swimming Carnivals 2016.doc
SPSSA Divisional Swimming Carnivals 2017.doc
Swimming Record Holders 2013 web site.doc

 Swimming Archives

SPSSA Divisional Swimming Carnivals 2013.pdf
SPSSA Divisional Swimming Carnivals 2014.pdf




 Winter Carnival Archives

SPSSA Winter Carnival Entry Information 2012.pdf


 Contact details


President: Tim Nicholas


Executive Officer: Georgina Dudgeon


Treasurer: Andrew Dobson




Association Information



 Information Documents

2015 calendar dates.doc
2016 calendar dates.doc
2017 calendar dates.doc
SPSSA  Contribution to Sport Awards Winners copy.doc
SPSSA Handbook 2012-13.pdf
SPSSA Life Members.pdf